EP and book by experimental spoken words band, Noong-Paan

We are thrilled to announce the release of Noong-Paan’s debut EP, Ei Amasoong Yum on 2nd December at Books & Coffee, Imphal. We have been working with the team behind this outfit in various projects and we feel proud to bring out their first EP along with a collaborative art project. The EP comes with a handbound hardcover book featuring the poems from the five tracks accompanied by an English translation and an artwork each. Korou Khundrakpam, Tingthounu, Rohit Saha, Kundo Yumnam, and Vibhash contributed in various mediums such as painting, drawing, photograph, and video animation.

The release do features a performance by Noong Paan, an exhibition of the original artworks, and a talk with the contributing artists.

Leisinduna matum khudinggi: Video by Rohit Saha