A workshop led by Marcel Zaes 
in collaboration with Laura Gáti and Meghna Bhardwaj.
Workshop: 10-13 August 2018   |   VENUE: AMASOONG, MATAI

A practice-based workshop on sound and site for artists of all fields. Each of the nine participants individually developed a new sketch of a work in sound art guided by the three mentors, by input lectures, and by critique sessions with all participants. The final day had public presentations by the participants.Marcel Zaes also presented a new sound performance from his series “Setting” in collaboration with the workshop participants.

Input lectures held:
Technological sound / sound design(Marcel Zaes)
Technological rhythms vs. organic rhythms (Marcel Zaes + Meghna Bhardwaj)
Site-specific art / Landscape versus object (Laura Gáti)
Sonic and performative elements in contemporary art (Laura Gáti)
Intervening the site with human bodily presence (Meghna Bhardwaj)